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Relationship Footprints: What Story Do Your Choices Tell?

Choices are like footprints

Choices are like footprints

On a recent vacation, I spotted these footprints in the sand along the coast of Lake Michigan.  With no other people in sight, I still knew something about the people who left the footprints.  They were heading north.  Under the overcast sky, I had an epiphany… our choices are like footprints in the sand – they tell a story.   And with each choice we make, we move closer to a happier or less happy ending. [Read more…]

Lessons Learned on Vacation: How You Can Improve Your Relationship

Vacation can be a time for reflection. I used time away from my husband to consider behaviors and choices that make for healthy relationships. Read my article on, Lessons in Healthy Relationships from a Solo Vacation, to discover how you can improve your own relationship … with or without a vacation!

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Handling Holiday Stress

Santa's Elf is Starting to Panic!A few days to Christmas?  Yikes!

Are you feeling stressed yet?

Why is it that “the most wonderful time of the year” finds so many of us …




and/or overwhelmed? [Read more…]

A Holiday Tip: How to Handle Frustration

Inevitably, as the winter holidays approach, many of us will experience repeated moments of frustration while images of svelte figures, cozy relationships, fat bank accounts, or something else swirl through our heads.  As another year winds down, we haven’t lost the desired weight.  Our relationships still stink.  Our debt has increased.  We’re still in dead-end jobs.  And we are frustrated…

Our problem is that the change we long for eludes our grasp once again.  When this happens, we can feel stuck in discomfort like this: [Read more…]

A Thanksgiving Challenge

Many of us finished work or school a little earlier today…

  [Read more…]

True or False: Weekends are like Rainbows…

Author John Shirley has said: “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them”.  Do you agree?

The correct response to my question is unique to you.  And your answer may largely depend [Read more…]

What Can Veterans Day Teach Us About Relationships?

Veterans Day traces its origin to the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.  At this hour, the Allies and Germany agreed to a cease fire on the Western Front.  Although some fighting continued in other areas, it became the date that  the “war to end all wars” ended.  Celebrated as Armistice Day in many allied countries, after WWII, the holiday became known as Veterans Day in the US.   And at 11:00 am on Veterans Day, many people will observe two minutes of silence: one to remember soldiers we’ve lost, and one to remember those who remain.

We pay tribute to military personnel past and present on 11/11/xx because a huge conflict ended on 11/11/18.  Hostilities ceased when two warring parties agreed to stop fighting.  At a moment in time, intentions changed and a war ended…

How could a focus on intention change our relationships? [Read more…]

The Paralyzing Power of Rigid Expectations

Election 2012 is upon us, and political pundits from both sides  are issuing dire predictions if the other party wins. From Facebook to Twitter, TV to radio, lunch rooms to dinner tables, we learn that half of us will be desperately unhappy when election results are tallied.  Why?  Perhaps because when our expectations are set in stone, our future prospects grind to a halt…


It’s like we wear special glasses that only allow  us to pay attention to information that supports our expectations. [Read more…]

Anxiety is a Mental Storm with False Forecasts

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the Worry Train, a mental locomotive that holds so many of us captive during waking hours.  Perhaps we find it so alluring because sometimes a little worry can be helpful.  Predictions about Frankenstorm prompted some of my neighbors to prepare generators for duty, while others stocked up on bottled water and non-perishable food.  Most of us have flashlights and extra batteries handy.  And if our worry is not excessive – meaning we haven’t stepped on the Worry Train – we go back to enjoying life with the electrical power we possess in the present moment…

When worry becomes excessive, anxiety often becomes our constant companion, and our lives change. [Read more…]

When is Enough Enough?


Many of us are plagued by a common condition: we rarely appreciate who we are and what we have.  And so begins our endless pursuit of you-fill-in-the-blank, fueled by a nagging voice incessantly whining that we are not enough.  Sound familiar? You’re not alone, since humans have had this struggle for millennia.

How much was enough in the beginning?

In the story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve didn’t seem to fully appreciate who they were or what they had – otherwise  they wouldn’t have grasped that which was forbidden.   The idea that they were not enough came from a source outside of themselves.  They believed what they were told, and their quest for enough cost the duo their prime real estate and easy life. [Read more…]