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A Crazy Dream, a Grieving Widow, and a Little Lesson about Change for You


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Last night, I had a crazy dream. But NOT “about a chick in a black bikini”.   Remember “Chicka-boom, chicka-boom, chicka-boom-boom-boom”?

Anyway, my dream was about the man who had exited my life via cardiac arrest last winter. Since then, I’ve been surfing the waves of grief, learning to navigate its emotional highs and lows.

Let’s get to the Crazy Dream:

In the middle of Dreamland, [Read more…]

The REAL Enemy of Your Relationship!

Relationahip EnemyNobody warns you about it when you make that big commitment.  And years later – when the proverbial  you-know-what hits the fan – mum’s the word.

Friends.  Family.  Mentors.  They all dropped the ball on this one.  Meanwhile your Real Relationship Enemy lurks, silently weaving it’s dark disaster.

But it’s not what you might think …. [Read more…]

What My Husband’s Death Taught Me about Marriage

Gina & Jim BinderAfter 27 years of marriage, my husband died unexpectedly while lifting weights on a Friday morning. The moment I found his unresponsive body, chaos entered my life.

At the hospital, my son and I sat in a private waiting room.  When three medical professionals entered, I knew he was gone.

But since he died, I’ve learned some profound truths about death and marriage… [Read more…]

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