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Why Sex Education at Home is Important

Byrds and Beatles

Talking to kids about sex.  If only our task were as easy as that of the mother in this picture!

Here’s a teaser from my latest article on YourTango:

What your kids know about sex may surprise you.

Our kids’ sex education begins the moment they tune into the world around them. Numerous gateways introduce them to our highly sexualized society: smartphones, tablets, laptops, television, supermarket tabloids, and sometimes our own jokes and language. With so much exposure, not educating our kids about sex is like high fiving sexual standards in the media. And this is nothing new.
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Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship

Declaration of Independence for Couples

IN OUR HOME, July 4, 2014 (with apologies to Thomas Jefferson, et al),

The unanimous Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship,

When in the Course of everyday life, it becomes necessary for one Couple to dissolve the oppressive bands which have connected them with a Problem Process, and to assume among the Couples of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to each other’s opinions requires that… [Read more...]

Turning Wishful Thinking into Concrete Hope that Creates Change

Couple with bicycle

How often you wish for change?

While binge watching “House of Cards”, you wish you looked like Claire Underwood. Or at least could find her wardrobe in your size and on your budget…

You wish for a row house on a trendy street in the city.  Or a house anywhere without a crushing mortgage that keeps your nose on the daily grindstone…

You wish for a relationship that’s as mutually supportive as the Underwoods.  But without the deception and infidelity…

Clueless about the Underwoods, you just wish you could talk without fighting or yawning. Laugh together. Trust each other. Parent on the same page.  Agree on where to go for vacation or dinner.

You wish. I wish. We all wish.  And that’s a problem because … [Read more...]

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