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How You Measure Change Could Matter More than You Think

You know it’s time for change.  You’ve set everything up: a new diet or exercise plan, a proposed budget, a schedule of counseling appointments, a new program to discipline your children or spend quality time with your spouse.  All your hope is riding on the new plan… [Read more…]

How to Stop Worry in Its Tracks

Stuck on the Worry Train?

Are you stuck on the Worry Train?

It’s an illusive mental locomotive that takes many of us on a captive ride during waking hours.  We long to disembark, but the wheels of the Worry Train spin faster and faster – powered by an endless supply of what if  fuel:

What if I lose my job?  

What if I have a wreck?  

What if I look foolish or stupid? [Read more…]

The Consequences of Distraction and How to Avoid Them

It’s Mindful Monday, and I woke up with distraction on my mind.  Distraction affects our lives in numerous ways, with consequences ranging from distasteful to disastrous.  Often it masquerades as something we proudly venerate: multitasking.  But every time we multitask, we pull brain activity away from our primary task of the moment.


Distraction with Distasteful Consequences

A couple years ago, I set out to make a delicious stir-fry dinner from scratch.  The finished product was to look like this:

I carefully assembled the ingredients, added them to the pan at appropriate times, and enjoyed the pleasing aroma as I waited to perform the last step. [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #16: How to Change Your Life with Gratitude

Gratitude: A Simple Life Changer

How has gratitude touched your life today, yesterday, or in the past week?  If nothing comes to mind, don’t beat yourself up.  It’s so easy to mindlessly ignore beauty and blessings all around us.  After all, when was the last time we were grateful for a rainbow, changing leaves in Fall, the absence of humidity, adequate transportation, or a degree of good health? [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #15: How to Breathe Away Anxiety

Breathe Away Anxiety

Many of us start the school or work week feeling as if we’re stuck in a reality described by the Bangles’ 1986 hit, Manic Monday.  As soon as our eyes pop open, our minds become busy-busy-busy anticipating (or dreading) all that needs to get done during waking hours. [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #14: A Mindful Walk

Explore the Relationship between Mind and FeetCan something you do for a few minutes everyday really improve your life?  Many people affirm that daily mindful practices make a big difference in their lives: they feel less anxious, develop a growing sense of safety and security, and gain deeper personal insight from living more mindfully.  [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #13: A Mental Tune-up for Labor Day or Any Day

What if we could give ourselves a mental tune-up on Labor Day (or any day)? Between heading to the pool or firing up the grill, what can we accomplish?  Maybe we can think about something that will give more meaning and enjoyment to our holiday (and everyday) activities. [Read more…]

Exposing a Quiet Threat to Self-Esteem

How is a thief exposed?  Usually his or her identity comes into focus when we realize that something of value has been taken from us.  A successful thief stays in business by pulling the wool over our eyes, and keeping our attention in the dark.  Maybe the thief starts out taking small bits of what we possess [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #12: What’s so great about the small moments?

Suze ignores the value of small moments….

What might the woman in the cartoon be missing from life?  She may be like a lot us  – easily dismissing small moments that we take for granted.  How often do we drink a cup of coffee, spend a moment with child, pet our dog or cat, or talk to a loved one without being truly attentive to and present with the experience?  It seems so easy to go through everyday activities like a robot and ignore the  small moments. [Read more…]

Mindful Monday Tip #11: From Monopoly to a Mindful Check-in

Remember the game of Monopoly?  We all started from the same location, with the same amount of money, and a unique game piece.  As play progressed, we found ourselves in different positions on the game board, having different amounts of money in our personal bank accounts, each holding different investment properties.  With each turn, it was import to to know where we were starting from in terms of investment properties, play money, and position on the board.  That kind of play involves focused attention and intentional moves.  It’s how we took care of ourselves in the game world.

Now let’s leave Memory Lane to think about how we take care of ourselves in daily life.  While we may rock at personal hygiene and wardrobe attire, schedule manicures, pedicures, and a day at the spa, a quick observation suggests that many of us lack a daily awareness of where we are physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Dr. Elisha Goldstein describes this kind of awareness as an act of self-care and I believe its is very important.  Imagine what life is like without this kind of physical-emotional-mental awareness.  We may react in anger to a loved one when the real problem is our own physical pain.  We may make mistakes at home, work, or school when we are mentally distracted.  We may become overwhelmed by an uncomfortable emotion.  Without a daily awareness of our mental, physical, and emotional states, we can find it difficult to approach life with focused attention and intentional responses.  Today’s tip helps us to tune in to where we are mentally, physically, and emotionally.  That’s like identifying this moment’s personal starting point.

Mindful Monday Tip #11: The Mindful Check-in from Dr. Elisha Goldstein

  • Take 2 minutes to view the following video
  • Follow the instructions to find out where you are physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Commit to a daily form of this self-care.

How might your life change when you begin to practice a mindful check-in?