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Couples Counseling

Sometimes relationship problems improve with time.  But if you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably discovered that many relationship problems don’t get better on their own.   And if you’ve waited a bit too long hoping for things to get better, your relationship may be near its breaking point.  But there’s good news – whether you’ve been married for decades, or are just starting out,  Couples Counseling can help you create a better relationship.


What problems can Couples Counseling address?

  • Frequent disagreements that never get resolved
  • Conflicting parenting styles
  • Financial stress and different values about work and money
  • Feeling distant from each other
  • Feeling ignored, uncared for, or unheard
  • Loss of physical or sexual intimacy
  • One of you has engaged in a physical or emotional affair

How can Couples Counseling help you?

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  • Discover healthier ways to resolve disagreements and deal with stress
  • Experience closeness and lose the fear of differences
  • Feel appreciated, cared for, and heard
  • Improve physical affection and sexual intimacy
  • Recover from an affair and shield your relationship from future betrayal
  • Reconnect with the love and passion that drew you together

 How does Couples Counseling work?

This kind of counseling involves teamwork.  In the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Michael Phelps earned his 18th Olympic gold medal after swimming in the 400-meter men’s medley relay.  To win the gold medal as a team, four men had to pursue individual objectives.  After all, they each made a different contribution to the team: the first swam backstroke, the second swam breaststroke, the third swam butterfly, and the fourth swam freestyle.  When Phelps dove into the water to swim the butterfly leg, his team was in second place.  When he completed his 100 meters of butterfly, the US team had moved to first place.  What do we learn? The team moves ahead when each member successfully pursues individual objectives that promote the success of the team.

Your mission is to create individual objectives for the success of your couples team, reflecting answers to questions like these:

  • What kind of life you want to build together?
  • What kind of partner do you aspire be in order to build that life and create the relationship you desire?
  • What is likely to get in the way of you becoming the partner you aspire to be?
  • What knowledge or skills do you need to acquire in order to move in this new direction?

My job is to function as a coach, and help you reach individual objectives that will benefit your couples team – without compromising your deepest principles and core values.

Are You Ready to Start?

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