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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling by Gina Binder of Manassas, VA

Are you in a relationship where trust, communication, or connection need to be rekindled?

Sometimes relationship problems improve with time…  but if you’ve landed here, you’ve probably discovered that many don’t.

And if you’ve waited a bit too long hoping for things to improve, your relationship may be near its breaking point.  

Whether you’ve been married for decades, or are just starting out,  Couples Counseling can help you create a better relationship.

Typical Couples Problems

  • You can’t communicate without fighting.
  • Nothing ever gets resolved!
  • You’re not on the same page with parenting or finances.
  • One of you feels so lonely.
  • Physical or sexual intimacy is a thing of the past.
  • Someone cheated – physically or emotionally.

What can Couples Counseling do for you?

First off, it’s not about getting back to where you used to be.

After all, that place led you here!

Couples counseling can get you to a place you’ve never been – a place where communication is clear, connection is vibrant, and trust is strong.

My job is to help you tease out the individual changes that will help you achieve this goal.

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