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Looking, Revisited…

A few days ago, I was reminded of the importance of looking for something new each day.  As my 75 pound coonhound, Leroy, pulled me down the driveway for a walk, I spotted several remarkable bursts of color out the corner of my eye.  With some degree of effort, dog and human paused to take in the scene: daffodils and crocuses were blooming in the leafy mulch of a generally ignored flowerbed.  Yellow, purple, and green colors announced that something different is happening!

It’s not like my visual surprise occurred in a remote corner of our lot – it’s right beside our driveway, easily visible from any front window of our home.  And it’s not just that we were still in February.  Many years ago I planted all sorts of bulbs in that flowerbed.  I dreamed of a profusion of colorful blooms….and, year after year, all I got were green stems of daffodils which never bloomed.   I stopped looking for anything of colorful interest until daylilies would bloom in summer.  I learned to routinely dismiss a part of my property until summer.   I stopped looking for something new.

What else can we routinely dismiss when we forget to look for something new?

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  1. Betty Hamlett says:

    So glad you noticed the beautiful blooms. Life is full of blooms and we do overlook them at times.

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