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In 2011, I read many books about managing finances and investments.  That’s when I discovered this observation attributed to Warren Buffet: the chains of habit are never experienced as heavy until we try to change. Suddenly I had a metaphor to describe why change is so difficult.  Entrenched patterns of living rarely feel burdensome until we attempt to change them – changing lifetime patterns may feel like breaking impossible chains.  Yet change is possible – and this is what I think we forget.  With each healthier choice we make, chains of habit begin to crack and lasting change is reinforced.  The trick is to keep making healthier choices, and to find the support we need to sustain the change.  Providing that support is one thing I love about my role as a therapist. 

 Do you agree with Buffet’s observation?  What helps you to make healthier choices? Where might you find the support to change a habit?


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