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True or False: Weekends are like Rainbows…

Author John Shirley has said: “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them”.  Do you agree?

The correct response to my question is unique to you.  And your answer may largely depend upon your ability to live in the present moment…

When Weekends are Like Rainbows…

Have you ever noticed that weekends seem most amazing and appealing when we’re either reminiscing about one that’s passed or anticipating one that’s coming?  Yet often these moments occur outside of the very time we’re considering.  And what does a fly on the wall observe on our weekends?  Maybe we rush to complete chores so we can go to the game, hurry home from the game so we can go out to eat,  wrap up dinner to get to the next event, and start over the next day.

What did we experience while completing chores?  How much did we enjoy watching or participating in the game?  What did our food taste like, and how focused were we on our dinner companions?  Without an ability to savor the present moment, weekends lose some sparkle, and our fulfillment in any weekend activity may be lacking…

When Weekends are not Like Rainbows…

I’ve noticed that weekends regain their sparkle when we regain our ability to live in and savor the present moment.   It’s a skill many of us possessed as children, but lost as we got older.  Think about how young children play:  they throw themselves into building a fort, climbing a tree, or playing with a pet.  While we anxiously wait for the next event to start, a child remains thoroughly present and focused in the current event.

What will happen if we focus our attention like that this weekend?  We may savor the smell and textures of fresh laundry.  We may experience greater joy at an athletic event. Food may taste better and conversation may be more compelling.  In short, what we long for in weekends may become a bit more attainable when we become a bit more attentive to each present moment…

How to make weekends regain some sparkle:

  • Use your 5 senses to help you connect with the present moment.  Focus on what you see, smell, taste, touch, and hear in each weekend experience.
  • Use cowboy thinking this weekend whenever your focus strays from the present moment.  Your wandering attention is like ornery livestock.  Use a mental lasso to pull your attention back to what you are experiencing.

I think that weekends are less about what we do, and more about how we do.  Cowboy thinking and 5 senses could be tools to transform our weekends, making them less like elusive rainbows and more like real fulfillment.    

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  1. My weekends are very much like my weekdays. When you are retired, the rainbow starts on Monday and ends the following Sunday. I need to work on the 5 senses to transform my very long weekends (entire week) so I can have more fulfillment. Thanks.

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