Change Is Possible

Do you feel overwhelmed by a life problem? Are you struggling with looping worry, conflict in your relationship or shame? Perhaps you feel that you have no one to turn to—not even your faith community. Do you wish you could talk to someone who understands what you’re going through? Are you searching for lasting relief and a productive way forward?

Everyone knows what it’s like to worry too much, feel down or live with a relationship that isn’t perfect. As a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment, couples counseling and Christian counseling, I also know that it is possible to change your perspective and approach challenges differently.

I take a practical approach to therapy. I strive to make my office feel like home—like a safe space for you to unpack your problems and find solutions. I listen carefully to understand what bothers you, and I tailor techniques to your unique experience. As we work together, you can develop simple tools to reduce anxiety, create a plan to manage depression and learn new ways to communicate with your partner.

Change is possible—whatever ails you. With my guidance and support, you can find the skills and confidence you need to build the life you desire.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a therapist in Manassas, VA, I’m available at 571-494-1391. I also invite you to explore my website to learn about how I can help you.

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Anxiety Treatment

Do you feel like anxiety is holding you hostage? Do you live in a prison of worry or dread? Has stress or unruly fear sucked the joy out of your life? Has something happened to make you feel unsafe or overwhelmed? Do you long to live free of excess worry or fear?

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Couples Counseling

Does trust, communication or connection need reviving in your relationship? Does it feel as though you and your partner can’t communicate without fighting? You have the same conversation over and over, but nothing gets resolved? Do you feel lonely, even when you are right beside your partner?

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Christian Counseling

Are you a Christian who lives under a cloud of depression? Do you feel imprisoned by anxiety. Have you experienced something to make you feel unsafe or overwhelmed? Has a relationship problem, such as broken trust, distant connection or poor communication?

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