About Gina Binder

I help people find the change they need to live the life they desire.

If something needs to change in your relationship:

As a therapist who specializes in marriage and couples counseling, I can show you and your partner how to control arguments and improve communication. You can develop the power to understand each other and start building trust. And, as your connection improves, you can learn to have fun with one another, rekindling the love that brought you together. It’s hard work, but I can give you the support and tools to foster care and connection in your relationship.

When you have a partner who can’t—or won’t—come to counseling with you, I can help you navigate relationship change from one direction. You discover how just one person can become a ripple that transforms the whole pond.

I’m like a relationship mechanic, and I love my job. If you need help to jump start relationship change, grab this free guide: How To Make Your Relationship Work. I’ve lived in the trenches of relationship conflict, and I’ve discovered tools and techniques for people just like you.

If something needs to change in you:

When anxiety moves in, security moves out. Have you noticed how worry is like a runaway train? Or how often anxiety feels like a mental storm with false forecasts? During anxiety treatment, I help you step off the worry train and step out of the anxiety storm.

When your life is darkened by depression, I can help you find hope and purpose. Together we can create a path that points you out of gloom and into light.

If you’re imprisoned by addiction, I can help you learn what it takes to grasp the key and unlock your cell door. I can’t pull you down the path, or open the doors of your prison without you. But, I can provide tools and support as you do the hard work.

The Official Scoop:

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (VA License #0701007158). I provide counseling for men, women and couples in Manassas, VA. My office is small, but designed to feel comfortable, just like home.

I made a mid-life career change to become an LPC. I’m a former actuary who left the professional world to be a stay-at-home mom. For six years, I worked as a discipleship counselor at a Christian nonprofit ministry. I returned to grad school and earned a degree (M.A.) in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. As part of my graduate training, I worked for almost one year as an intern in community mental health and substance abuse for Prince William County Community Services.

My Story:

I was married for 27 years when my husband unexpectedly died. By that time, we had experienced our own rocky road of ups and downs. On occasion, we had each starred in the other’s nightmare. Yet we faced the challenges and found a way to make our relationship work. By the time he left the earth, we had two young adult children and an adopted Coonhound, named Leroy.

My husband and I did what my parents couldn’t do. I was the literal product of one of their many reconciliations. My earliest memories are of heated arguments between the two people I loved most. It was difficult to witness their palpable animosity—sometimes projectiles flew through the air. My brother and I lived with the consequences of what they did and did not do to resolve their relationship problems. Maybe that’s why I have such a passion for couples counseling now.

By the time I entered school, I was dancing to two songs at once: “I am not enough” and “I must pursue perfection.” Struggles with weight, body image and self-esteem cast a shadow over my childhood that lingered into adulthood. The pursuit of perfection drove me through school, church, college (B.A., Math, Asbury University), grad school (M.A., Math, UVA) and into my early professional life. Well into adulthood, a wise therapist helped me change my dance. Maybe that explains why I love helping men and women find the individual change they need.

What makes me tick:

I’m a Christian who enjoys working with people from all faith backgrounds, as well as with those having none. My very comfy slipper chair is not a judgment throne: I humbly position myself as an advocate for your relationship, or for you individually. I want you to feel accepted in my presence and to sense that I’m trying to understand you. Whatever your age or background, as your therapist, I’ll provide a safe, judgment-free setting for you to explore the change you need.

I’m in this field because I believe that change is possible, and I want to help you find your path to change. Our lives and relationships experience tremendous pressure. Sometimes, we need external help to address individual struggles and relationship problems in healthy ways.

That’s why I’m here: to help you find the change you need.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or discuss any counseling questions, I’m available at 571-494-1391. I try to respond to voicemails and emails within 24 hours during the business week.

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