Revenge Cheat

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In a committed relationship, when your man cheats, you want to kick him where it hurts. An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. The thought of inflicting the same kind of cheating pain tastes like the sweetest revenge.

You want to even the score by making him understand the hell he rained down on you. Or maybe your self-esteem requires emergency treatment, and you need to know if you’re still loveable and desirable. The bottom line is you feel overwhelmed, and need a game plan.

Looking for a way to patch up your heart, you search for relationship advice.

Can you revenge cheat? Sure, but it may not accomplish what you want. To understand, let’s look at your motivation, the possibility of repairing your relationship, and your own recovery.

Step 1:  Explore Your Motivation For Revenge Cheating.

It’s true that he screwed up, but your cheating won’t unscrew the hot mess that remains. Remember that — especially in love — two wrongs don’t make a right. What if that eye-for-an-eye mojo works in reverse? He may use your revenge cheating to justify his initial cheating. And he may overlook something very important…

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