Time to Fix Your Most Important Relationship!

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The time has come to to take action!  A serious relationship needs your immediate attention.   A connection is gasping for air... A marriage with poor communication or disconnection?  The bad relationship you have with your teen? A hit or miss relationship with the Divine Being? No. No. And a resounding No!   Why these relationships [...]

New Year’s Resolutions: The Problem & How to Fix It

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We raised the sparkly toast, shared a special kiss, and watched the Shiny Ball drop.  Another New Year arrived, scattering our lives with hastily conceived New Year’s Resolutions: To lose 10 pounds. To save money. To be a better human Each is a worthy goal, deserving of serious effort.  We’ve obtained steps to shed the weight, save the [...]

The Paralyzing Power of Rigid Expectations

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Election 2012 is upon us, and political pundits from both sides  are issuing dire predictions if the other party wins. From Facebook to Twitter, TV to radio, lunch rooms to dinner tables, we learn that half of us will be desperately unhappy when election results are tallied.  Why?  Perhaps because when our expectations are set in stone, our [...]

When is Enough Enough?

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Many of us are plagued by a common condition: we rarely appreciate who we are and what we have. And so begins our endless pursuit of you-fill-in-the-blank, fueled by a nagging voice incessantly whining that we are not enough. Sound familiar? You're not alone, since humans have had this struggle for millennia.


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We keep chasing after perfection as if it is an achievable goal, when really it is the most grand and painful of all mirages.    – Courtney E. Martin Ms. Martin penned these words about the female preoccupation with weight in Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters (2007).  Yet almost everywhere I look, even in the mirror, I [...]


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My home schooled daughter recently bailed after reading two thirds of Augustine’s Confessions (Chadwick, 2008).   Her favorite part of history is the Rockabilly Era, not the Medieval Ages.  Similarly, she eschews Geometry (have I mentioned that I have degrees in Mathematics?), and finds little compelling in her Chemistry.  Yet she rocks at Latin, taught by her [...]

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