What the Maytag Men Taught Me About Marriage Repair

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A week ago, something ominous happened in my kitchen: the refrigerator went absolutely silent, with the door open and inner light on. Minutes later the gentle hum returned, just as we noticed that the ice cream was melting and the refrigerated items weren’t very cold.  It was Saturday. As we limped through the weekend, I began [...]

5 Super Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

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On a rainy day with temperatures falling, it’s hard to believe that spring has finally arrived.  Yet evidence of new life is all around me.  Cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and daffodils dapple my yard with pops of color, as a freeze warning pings on my Android. I’m thinking about protecting plants, cleaning and prepping flower beds, and [...]

7 Communication Potholes that Can Seriously Damage Your Relationship

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A pothole can be your car’s worst enemy (Tuffy Tire & Auto Service).       What Can Be Your Relationships Worst Enemy? It just may be your habitual communication style… Some of us may be traveling a rough relationship road today – because of something we said or didn’t say. Tactless communication purposely or carelessly created [...]

Can Emotional Infidelity Ever Be Worse Than An Affair?

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Think the answer is a no-brainer? We all know how physical hookups can devastate a committed relationship. But if we ignore the very real wedge created by emotional infidelity, we may eventually a discover a gaping hole in our relationship. In this article now on Huffington Post, a colleague and I explore the toll emotional infidelity [...]

Relationship Footprints: What Story Do Your Choices Tell?

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Choices are like footprints On a recent vacation, I spotted these footprints in the sand along the coast of Lake Michigan.  With no other people in sight, I still knew something about the people who left the footprints.  They were heading north.  Under the overcast sky, I had an epiphany… our choices are like [...]

Lessons Learned on Vacation: How You Can Improve Your Relationship

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Vacation can be a time for reflection. I used time away from my husband to consider behaviors and choices that make for healthy relationships. Read my article on, Lessons in Healthy Relationships from a Solo Vacation, to discover how you can improve your own relationship ... with or without a vacation! Wishing you the best, [...]

A Holiday Tip: How to Handle Frustration

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Inevitably, as the winter holidays approach, many of us will experience repeated moments of frustration. Our problem is that the change we long for eludes our grasp once again. Sometimes a simple question illuminates possible steps we can take TODAY towards the change we desire.