Mindful Monday Tip #12: What’s so great about the small moments?

//Mindful Monday Tip #12: What’s so great about the small moments?

Mindful Monday Tip #12: What’s so great about the small moments?

Suze ignores the value of small moments….

What might the woman in the cartoon be missing from life?  She may be like a lot us  – easily dismissing small moments that we take for granted.  How often do we drink a cup of coffee, spend a moment with child, pet our dog or cat, or talk to a loved one without being truly attentive to and present with the experience?  It seems so easy to go through everyday activities like a robot and ignore the  small moments.  After all, we can do a hundred things on autopilot.  The problem is that so many experiences we long for – serenity, joy, peace, connection with others – often occur in small, everyday moments.   If we’re only on the lookout for the big experiences with the “best” moments, we may overlook the opportunities for treasure in the small, everyday moments.   Today’s mindful tip encourages us to pay attention to the overlooked small moments of life.

Mindful Tip #12:  Become Mindful of Small Moments.  

  • For each hour today, tune in to small moments that you typically overlook.
  • Pay attention to what you are experiencing, and intentionally embrace the experience.
  • Here’s an example: while brushing your teeth, become aware of the texture of the toothbrush, the taste and smell of the toothpaste, the feeling of running your tongue over your freshly rinsed teeth, or inhaling a breath through a freshly cleansed mouth.

What treasure will you discover when you become mindful of small moments?

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