mistakesWhat happens when you make mistakes?  We’ve all experienced oops moments with varying degrees of severity: speeding tickets, burned toast, a missed bill payment, a forgotten birthday or school assignment.  What do you notice when you make a mistake?  Maybe your heart sinks and your gut churns.  Perhaps your mind is flooded with unpleasant reminders of your error.  Too often mistakes can direct our focus to a narrow realm of negative possibilities.

Maybe it’s time to challenge the way we perceive mistakes.  Perhaps our oops moments can become doorways to opportunity.  Henry Ford suggested as much when he said, “even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement”.   So instead of letting mistakes shine a light on our failure, this week’s mindful tip challenges us to let mistakes trigger a healthier form of awareness.

Mindful Monday Tip #7:  Mindful Mistakes

At least once each week, permit a mistake to trigger a mindful response.  When you realize you’ve made a mistake:

  • Observe what’s happening in your body – tension, rate of breathing, etc.
  • Notice the negative thoughts passing through your mind, and let each one float away like a fluffy passing cloud.
  • What do you observe when you focus on the oops moment without judgment?
  • What do you learn?
A mindful approach to mistakes may turn many oops moments into doorways of opportunity.  What might you discover with a mindful response to mistakes?