Anxiety is a Mental Storm with False Forecasts

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Similar to hurricanes in the real world, anxiety creates a mental storm from which escape is elusive. The mental storm gains power as erroneous weather reports forecast warnings at high volume about our safety and security. Anxiety huffs and puffs and we experience its effects in body, mind, and behavior. So the forecasts of our mental storm feel truly real in our experience...

Mindful Tip #15: How to Breathe Away Anxiety

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Often we live and breathe in one moment while we choke with anxiety and worry over some potential future moment. Today's tip invites us to use a normal activity to calm our anxious minds and recapture the present moment. The simple exercise helps many people to breathe away anxiety one moment at a time.

How to Take Care of Yourself – Overlooked Steps

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Solutions aren't always so simple for things like anxiety, depression, and all the other things that hound us as we grow up. But what if there were some simple things we could all do to give each of us a healthier mental edge?

Mindful Monday Tip #3: Use Nature to Combat Sensory Overload

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Are you living in sensory overload?  It could wind up your anxiety by taking your body where you don't want to go.  After all, our bodies process whatever we take into them - from substances we ingest to high stimulation from the environment.  Read my article here  about how changing intake can reduce anxiety, and try [...]

Mindfulness: Being in One Place at One Time

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In  A Walk to Remember, Landon shows Jamie a painless way to be in two places at once.  In reality, many of us experience this dynamic without straddling a state line: our minds draw us away from the present moment.  Maybe it's not so stressful when we daydream while driving, but it could be dangerous.  And [...]

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