The Wound of Unknowing and What to Do About It

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“Nothing hurts worse than Not Being Known,” said a septuagenarian to a group of 5000 at a recent women’s conference. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, I felt the weight of their truth.  That Wound of Unknowing – I’ve lived with it.  After all, I’ve walked the lonely road of widowhood for [...]

Forget New Year’s Resolutions: An Exit Interview for the Old Year

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Here we are at another milestone.  Fireworks at the ready.  Party clothes on. Champagne corked. Eyes glued to the big ball. Helpful people have already inquired about our New Year’s Resolutions: “Do you have any? What are they?” Blah, blah, blah. In my humble opinion, these are the wrong questions.  Before we think up any resolutions (or [...]

How You Measure Change Could Matter More than You Think

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You know it's time for change. You've set everything up: a new diet or exercise plan, a proposed budget, a schedule of counseling appointments, a new program to discipline your children or spend quality time with your spouse. All your hope is riding on the new plan... How do you expect change to happen?

The Importance of Small Steps of Change

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How can I change?   What must I do to change?  When will change begin? These are tough questions, often heard in counseling rooms and frequently heard in  conversations with friends and family.  What we so often forget is that change, like a big journey, often begins with small steps. Change can seem elusive if we're [...]


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In 2011, I read many books about managing finances and investments.  That’s when I discovered this observation attributed to Warren Buffet: The chains of habit are never experienced as heavy until we try to change. Suddenly I had a metaphor to describe why change is so difficult. Entrenched patterns of living rarely feel burdensome until we [...]

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