When is Enough Enough?

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Many of us are plagued by a common condition: we rarely appreciate who we are and what we have. And so begins our endless pursuit of you-fill-in-the-blank, fueled by a nagging voice incessantly whining that we are not enough. Sound familiar? You're not alone, since humans have had this struggle for millennia.

Cinderella’s Guide to Self-Esteem: A 21st Century Revision

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Cinderella's fairy tale seduces us into believing that we acquire self-esteem from external sources. For too many of us, this becomes the illusive path to self-esteem and our happily ever afters. So what's a 21st century girl to do?

Not-So-Magic Mirrors, Identity, and Value

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"Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all", asked the evil queen in the German fairy tale, "Snow White", and a fantastic course of events followed. Like the fictional queen, many of us look in mirrors to ask our questions daily: Am I okay? Do I look good enough to step out into the world? For some of us, mirrors on the wall are just the beginning of the challenge: other people become mirrors into which we gaze to determine our identity and value.

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