How You Measure Change Could Matter More than You Think

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You know it's time for change. You've set everything up: a new diet or exercise plan, a proposed budget, a schedule of counseling appointments, a new program to discipline your children or spend quality time with your spouse. All your hope is riding on the new plan... How do you expect change to happen?

The Consequences of Distraction and How to Avoid Them

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Distraction affects our lives in numerous ways, with consequences ranging from distasteful to disastrous. Often it masquerades as something we proudly venerate: multitasking. But every time we multitask, we pull brain activity away from our primary task of the moment.

Mindful Tip #16: How to Change Your Life with Gratitude

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Gratitude: A Simple Life Changer How has gratitude touched your life today, yesterday, or in the past week?  If nothing comes to mind, don’t beat yourself up.  It’s so easy to mindlessly ignore beauty and blessings all around us.  After all, when was the last time we were grateful for a rainbow, changing leaves [...]

Mindful Tip #15: How to Breathe Away Anxiety

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Often we live and breathe in one moment while we choke with anxiety and worry over some potential future moment. Today's tip invites us to use a normal activity to calm our anxious minds and recapture the present moment. The simple exercise helps many people to breathe away anxiety one moment at a time.

Mindful Monday Tip #14: A Mindful Walk

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Many people affirm that daily mindful practices make a big difference in their lives: they feel less anxious, develop a growing sense of safety and security, and gain deeper personal insight from living more mindfully. Here's one you can start today.

Mindful Monday Tip #13: A Mental Tune-up for Labor Day or Any Day

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What if we could give ourselves a mental tune-up on Labor Day (or any day)? Between heading to the pool or firing up the grill, what can we accomplish?  Maybe we can think about something that will give more meaning and enjoyment to our holiday (and everyday) activities. […]

Mindful Monday Tip #12: What’s so great about the small moments?

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What might the woman in the cartoon be missing from life? She may be like a lot us - easily dismissing small moments that we take for granted.

Mindful Monday Tip #11: From Monopoly to a Mindful Check-in

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While we may rock at personal hygiene and wardrobe attire, schedule manicures, pedicures, and a day at the spa, a quick observation suggests that many of us lack a daily awareness of where we are physically, emotionally, and mentally. If true, we ignore an important part of self-care.

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