Betrayed? What to Do Instead of Revenge Cheat

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Here's a teaser from my latest article on In a committed relationship, when your man cheats, you want to kick him where it hurts. An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. The thought of inflicting the same kind of cheating pain tastes like the sweetest revenge. You want to even the score by making [...]

Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship

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IN OUR HOME, July 4, 20XX, with apologies to Thomas Jefferson, et al), The unanimous Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship,When in the Course of everyday life, it becomes necessary for one Couple to dissolve the oppressive bands which have connected them with a Problem Process, and to assume among the Couples of the earth, [...]

How Relationship Differences Can Hold Us Together!

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Today I’m standing on my cyber soapbox.  Geared up for what I hope is a respectful rant. After 5 decades on this planet, I am tired of the way we so easily let relationship differences divide us.  So I want to proclaim 3 beliefs that I hold deep to my heart.  If we embrace these 3 [...]

5 Super Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

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On a rainy day with temperatures falling, it’s hard to believe that spring has finally arrived.  Yet evidence of new life is all around me.  Cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and daffodils dapple my yard with pops of color, as a freeze warning pings on my Android. I’m thinking about protecting plants, cleaning and prepping flower beds, and [...]

Lessons Learned on Vacation: How You Can Improve Your Relationship

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Vacation can be a time for reflection. I used time away from my husband to consider behaviors and choices that make for healthy relationships. Read my article on, Lessons in Healthy Relationships from a Solo Vacation, to discover how you can improve your own relationship ... with or without a vacation! Wishing you the best, [...]

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