The REAL Enemy of Your Relationship!

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Nobody warns you about it when you make that big commitment.  And years later – when the proverbial  you-know-what hits the fan – mum’s the word. Friends.  Family.  Mentors.  They all dropped the ball on this one.  Meanwhile your Real Relationship Enemy lurks, silently weaving it’s dark disaster. But it’s not what you might think …. [...]

What My Husband’s Death Taught Me about Marriage

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After 27 years of marriage, my husband died unexpectedly while lifting weights on a Friday morning. The moment I found his unresponsive body, chaos entered my life. At the hospital, my son and I sat in a private waiting room.  When three medical professionals entered, I knew he was gone. But since he died, I’ve learned [...]

Forget New Year’s Resolutions: An Exit Interview for the Old Year

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Here we are at another milestone.  Fireworks at the ready.  Party clothes on. Champagne corked. Eyes glued to the big ball. Helpful people have already inquired about our New Year’s Resolutions: “Do you have any? What are they?” Blah, blah, blah. In my humble opinion, these are the wrong questions.  Before we think up any resolutions (or [...]

Vacation Wisdom for Emotional Storms

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I approached this year’s vacation much like I prepared for my wedding – with visions of undiluted happiness spinning in my head.  But after arriving at midnight, I woke up in Vacation Heaven to raging winds, and a stormy sea.  Lake Michigan was unsafe for small vessels and open water swimming.  And strangely, it reminded me [...]

Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship

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IN OUR HOME, July 4, 20XX, with apologies to Thomas Jefferson, et al), The unanimous Declaration of Independence for a Committed Relationship,When in the Course of everyday life, it becomes necessary for one Couple to dissolve the oppressive bands which have connected them with a Problem Process, and to assume among the Couples of the earth, [...]

How Relationship Differences Can Hold Us Together!

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Today I’m standing on my cyber soapbox.  Geared up for what I hope is a respectful rant. After 5 decades on this planet, I am tired of the way we so easily let relationship differences divide us.  So I want to proclaim 3 beliefs that I hold deep to my heart.  If we embrace these 3 [...]

5 Super Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Relationship

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On a rainy day with temperatures falling, it’s hard to believe that spring has finally arrived.  Yet evidence of new life is all around me.  Cherry blossoms, hyacinths, and daffodils dapple my yard with pops of color, as a freeze warning pings on my Android. I’m thinking about protecting plants, cleaning and prepping flower beds, and [...]

7 Communication Potholes that Can Seriously Damage Your Relationship

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A pothole can be your car’s worst enemy (Tuffy Tire & Auto Service).       What Can Be Your Relationships Worst Enemy? It just may be your habitual communication style… Some of us may be traveling a rough relationship road today – because of something we said or didn’t say. Tactless communication purposely or carelessly created [...]

Can Emotional Infidelity Ever Be Worse Than An Affair?

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Think the answer is a no-brainer? We all know how physical hookups can devastate a committed relationship. But if we ignore the very real wedge created by emotional infidelity, we may eventually a discover a gaping hole in our relationship. In this article now on Huffington Post, a colleague and I explore the toll emotional infidelity [...]

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