Many of us finished work or school a little earlier today…


Others spent hours in planes, trains, or automobiles, traveling to far destinations…

Some were stuck in kitchens doing prep work for a fabulous feast tomorrow…

As we all anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving 2012, what are you expecting?

  • A 4-day weekend
  • A large family meal
  • A holiday parade
  • A football game
  • A time to shop brick and mortar stores
  • All of the above

Regardless of your answer, please remember a simple practice from which you can reap great rewards: gratitude.  It’s the quality of being thankful, and a Nigerian proverb says, “give thanks for a little and you will find a lot”.  If you’re a bit skeptical, read my September 2012 post, How to Change Your Life With  Gratitude, and follow some of the links.  Reasearch actually connects the practice of gratitude with improved mental and physical health.

The Challenge:

This Thanksgiving, whatever you do, challenge yourself and your family to identify people, things,  and experiences for which you are thankful.  Let your joys as well as your disappointments shine a light on big things and little things for which you can give thanks.

I am thankful for family, friends, clients, colleagues, and blog readers.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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