family holiday

What’s the most important part of your family holidays?

The real answer may surprise you.  It sure surprised me.

Actually, ignoring it bit me in the you-know-what for many years, until I realized…

It’s not the WHO.

Who will you invite?  Who will you snub?  Who will you call or go to see? It really doesn’t matter, because the most important part will spoil the appearance of the most radiant guest.  If you screw it up…

It’s not the WHAT.

What will you wear? What will you cook?  What will you do for 3 whole days?  Fabulously chic attire, an amazing apple pie, or a cool concert can be totally wasted.  If you foul up the most important part…

It’s not the WHERE.

Where will you eat, sleep, or play for a long weekend?  The backyard? Ocean City? The pool? The lake house?  The location doesn’t really matter.  A trip to Paris or Rome can stink.  If you aren’t careful with the most important thing…

It’s not the WHEN.

When will you leave? When you go out to eat? When will you come back? Early, on-time, or late.  Six hours or three days can go from sizzle to fizzle.  If you ignore the most important thing…

It’s not the WHY.

Please. Don’t overthink the need for a holiday.  The WHY doesn’t really matter, because sparkling intentions will lose their luster in a flash. If you ignore the most important thing…

The most important part of your family holidays is… the HOW.

As in, how will you show up?  How will you treat the people around you?

No one will care about your flawless appearance if your attitude is hideous.  Your prize winning pie may result in heartburn if it’s served with caustic criticism at family holidays.  Your family may want to flee a royal palace if your attitude is sarcastically biting.  If your temper rages while you run late, no one may wish to accompany you to the final destination.

On the other hand… with a little tweak of ATTITUDE, the backyard can become a family oasis.  Burgers can satisfy palates like the yummiest fillet mignon.  A clothing faux pas, or culinary mistake, can be met with gracious humor.  Family and friends around you can become enchanting – even while you’re stuck in traffic.  On a long bridge. In the rain.

So much in life hinges on attitude.

So while you’re furiously planning the family holiday, focusing on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and possibly WHY, don’t forget about the HOW.

Remember that the whole shebang can rise or fall on with attitude.

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